Military scrapbooking

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Military scrapbooking

When you work for the military, you are always away from your family and you need to keep them updated with what’s happening, one way or another. Of course, you still want to preserve everything that you went through in military school up to the time that you retire and be able to show them to your kids or grand kids. This will be a great idea so they will also be able to visualize what memories you are sharing. To do this, you can start a military scrapbooking.

You have probably heard about scrapbooking. When you do your military scrapbook, it is actually just the same with any other scrapbook; the only difference is what you put on the scrapbook itself. In normal scrapbooks, military-scrapbookmostly the main focus would be the pictures. But in military scrapbooking, there are other things that you can put like the following:

  • Newspaper articles- If you have been featured in a newspaper cut out the clip and put it in your scrapbook. You can put a little story at the side or at the bottom of it so that the story is still fresh in your mind thus making it a more effective story for your family to read.
  • Photos- Since you are stuck in the military camp, there are probably lots of pictures of you when you are bored so put it there (pictures with friends in the military). You also have pictures of your duties and recognitions and you can also put it there (duty station, service stations, etc)
  • Time line- This is also a good thing to incorporate in your scrapbook. Write the places you were assigned to and the time you spent there. You can also put a little story or make a journal out of the time line.

You can always share memories with your family and friends even if you are away with military scrapbooking.

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